The Ritual

Monthly Spiritual Meet-ups.

You desire so much more than ordinary.

You desire extraordinary.

You desire to deepen your connection to spirit and in turn, deepen your connection to yourself.

What you truly desire is to journey home, to connect on a divine level.  

The Ritual will take place the 1st day of every month. Each month will hold a new theme such as manifesting, connecting to Spirit, human design or opening our third eye. 

Each Ritual will allow you to continue your journey home, to follow the path that is already planned for you.

Each ritual we will go deep into our theme for that month. Once our theme teachings are complete, we will do card-pulls and end in sacred ceremony - meditation and crystal alchemy. 

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Here is what people are saying about The Ritual:

"Wild night in The Ritual space. I knew I was drawn to join for a reason."

- Jillian

"I deeply, deeply connected and felt, truly felt. I cannot recommend this enough. If you've been curious, if you've been wondering, if you've been fence sitting - jump and do."

- Shannon

Your ascension is coming. Time does not exist in the higher power. The way we ascend is through our connection, it is held within our connection to ourselves and the universe. 

Ritual Membership Pricing

Single Session

$33 USD

Pay Once
  • access to one Ritual

Need more? You can upgrade at any time.


Monthly Payments


  • access to calls month-to-month
  • recurring monthly payments
  • replay available

Pay in Full for 6 months


Pay In Full
  • access to Ritual calls for 6 months
  • one easy payment
  • replays available
  • option to renew after 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

Do I need to have prior knowledge before attending The Ritual?

No. The Ritual was created with the spiritual curious in mind. To add to an existing toolkit or simply create one.

Can I sign up for one session?

Yes, of course. You can sign up for a single session, month to month payments of pay in full for 6 months.

What happens after I sign up?

Emails are sent with the ZOOM link 24-48hrs prior to the event with all the details you will need.  

Do I have to be on video or talk?

Great Question. No. You can have your video off during the call if you wish. All participants will be muted unless they wish to speak throughout the event to ask questions, etc.  

When do the sessions take place?

On the 1st of each month at 8pm EST via ZOOM. Exceptions are statutory Holidays - for example July 1st is Canada Day so the Ritual will be help July 2nd at 8pm EST.  

What do I need for the call?

We ask that you are in a quiet safe space with a glass of water, a candle burning and your favourite crystal if you desire.  

The Next Ritual will take place August 1st at 8Pm EST

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